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Spouse Visa Counseling By The Experts

After study visa, spouse visa is one of the most popular categories that people visit JKM Overseas. It is a type of visa that allows your partner or spouse to enter and stay in the country where you are currently studying, for example Canada, Australia, or the United States. Even though not every country offers a spouse visa, but, these days, there are a lot of countries for which you can obtain this type of visa very easily and successfully.

Spouse Visa For Canada

Canada Spouse Visa allows students or permanent residents, or even Canadian citizens, of at least eighteen years of age to sponsor a spouse or a common-law or marital partner living outside of Canada.

  • A Married Partner – The person who you’ve not been capable of living with continuously for a year, or a spouse who is not able to marry their sponsor lawfully for the reason that it isn’t an available option because of marital status, sexual orientation or immigration difficulties.
  • A Spouse – The person of the same or opposite sex and is married to you.
  • A Common-Law Partner – The person of the opposite or same sex who you’ve lived within a matrimonial bond for a time of no less than one year. You are required to have lived mutually for a year continuously, with exemptions of short trips for family or business reasons. You are even required to give evidence that you’ve set up a household mutually.

Spouse Visa For Australia

With the intention of being entitled to a spouse to Australia, you are required to fulfill the requirements mentioned below:

  • You and your spouse live together, or do not live independently and at a distance on a permanent basis.
  • In general, you both need to be at least 18 years of age or over.
  • Unless you’re lawfully married, you are required to have been in a spouse bond for the last one year, which generally entails demonstrating that you’ve lived together during this time.

You can always consider approaching JKM Overseas for professional assistance and filing of spouse visas for various countries. We have a complete team of spouse visa specialists who aim to make the difficult and tricky process of organizing financial documents, validating paperwork, filling applications, obtaining visas, and getting work and residence permits as simple, quick, and uncomplicated as possible for our clients.

To check your eligibility for a spouse visa, contact our team of qualified consultants today!

Why Choose JKM Overseas?​ Us We JKM |

JKM Overseas is the best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada. We as an Immigration consultants provide 100% transparency in the whole process, starting from visa consultation to visa approval. Some of the main factors that make us the Best Immigration consultancy for Canada PR Visa –

  • Processing Fee

    We don’t charge huge money on the name of sending you abroad, Very affordable and success based.

  • Working Days

    We work 7 days for our clients.

  • Scope of services

     We work with you for End to End Process and support you throughout.

  • Success Rate

    We have a success rate of close to 100%, Which is one of the highest in industry.

  • Visa categories

    We apply in multiple visa categories to confirm your invitation from your dream Country without any extra charge.

In order to help us understand your unique visa needs, please drop in your query and our representative will get back to you.


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